Monday, December 8, 2008

Side Note: I now offer prints, and because I changed a few of my settings to match the lab I use it actually makes the pics seem less colorful online...the settings I edit in now that match the lab, don't match the color settings of the internet so it just makes the colors a little more muted. On disc, they will not do that :) This just helps me know that what I see on my screen while I edit is what is going to print out with the lab.

Now on to another beautiful family!!! And a hunk of a boy that I am in love with!!!






What a Stud!


The Mortimer's said...

Thanks Katie! You did another amazing job! They turned out so cute. You seriously are the best!

Jessica Kettle said...

Love them! BTW- use that itty bitty h-resize and ultra sharpen for web or whatever and then go to save for web and devices- hit the tab 2-up and then save wherever. It will change your life (and blog) forever.

The Naven Family said...

Too cute!!!

We had fun on Saturday! Thanks!!!

The Morgans said...

Ok seriously, how did you guys get Jaxon to smile in every picture?? You are awesome!

Megan said...

I just love my little Jax! These are really cute! You rock! Hehe!!