Thursday, January 15, 2009



Anways, I know I am a huge slacker!  I need to post! 
 But I am just too busy right now.  And when I'm not busy...I'm just that...NOT BUSY
therefore, I do nothing and feel really really good about it ;)  

So for now here is a pic of Kammy to gaze upon.

Every now and then I like to flat iron her hair...........................


........And then it makes her look like a 16 year old and makes me sad to see her so "grown up" so I keep it to a bare minimum number of times :)

  (she is holding a needle if you are wondering)


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

YEAH!!! I am glad that your lens is still working!!! :) So beautiful!! Seriously! I see what you mean by 16 years old. beauty girl you have there.... I don't have kids yet but when my beautiful children start looking like that, I will flip I am sure. :)

The Naven Family said...

Oh my goodness! She is aboslutely beautiful! This picture is beautiful! Her hair is so gorgeous too! I love it like that, but it does make her look way older! Wow! I can't wait for you to take our family pics again one day! You are amazing!

Keri said...

Thanks for your comments. I want to see more of your stuff. Do some posts!! ha, not like your busy and tired or anything!

Cate said...

Wow, she does look older! You better watch out, you've got a stunner on your hands!

Jessica Kettle said...

katie! so sorry I have been such a slacker. I have seriously been meaning to call you but life has been pretty wild post-holidays and then I lost your number. I want to talk when I can actually TALK and not chase my kid. would you mind re-sending me your number and I will give you a call sometime this week?

Brooke said...

Beautiful Picture!

Marie PCD (DONA) said...

Her hair is the coolest color!!! What a beautiful girl.

Jessica Kettle said...

oh man. katie. Just come!
I can get you into wppi as my guest for like $150 bucks and you can get in our hotel too (yes, there will be four of us in two beds). Are you too prego to travel in february?

p.s. I hear t.i.i.f. workshop is not too great and that Brianna Graham is the way to go for sure