Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok Linda, so I know you love your B&W's but I could not resist just a couple in color ;)

Check out how sweet this brother and sister duo are!

Linda (1 of 11)


Linda (2 of 11)

L (1 of 1)

Linda (6 of 11)

Linda (7 of 11)

Linda (8 of 11)

Linda (9 of 11)

Linda (10 of 11)

He was soooo good with her, and gave her lots of these:
Linda (11 of 11)


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

that is sweet!!!! :) So cute!

Where did you go for the pictures! I don't remember seeing shaped bushes anywhere...

The Elmers said...

This was downtown...the bushes are in front of the Hyatt :)

Hey, Ashley, would you be interested in going down there with me and my kiddies sometime soon? Find some cool spots??

Megan said...

These turned out way cute! And that little girl is darling!