Friday, September 5, 2008

SOON I will be offering family Holiday card mini sessions!

These sessions start November 1st and will go through the first week of December.
I have limited days that I will be offering this, so PLEASE email me now to book your session to ensure that I will be able to fit you into my schedule!

What this includes:
  • A 20-30 minute shoot on location
  • 5 edited images on a disc
  • A Christmas card ready for you to have printed

I have already picked out the card styles, there will be a handful of layouts to choose from. They are sooooo cute! But you have to wait. I will post pics of them and more details as it gets closer.

...OH YEAH, one more thing...these sessions are $70

P.S. I will continue to offer my full family session if that is more of what you are looking for (the full hour, tons of get the point ;) just email me!

P.P.S. I will not be taking on any "family sessions" after the first week of December through January 2nd... I will be busy with my family attending birthdays, and parties, and Christmas Oh MY!


Keri said...

Katy, those pics below of the little girl look so cute and crisp... and this "mini session" is a Great idea! You should get tons of business for those. I have been searching for some good christmas card templates too! I can't wait to see the ones you got.
I was thinking about making some of my own...but it's pretty time consuming, maybe next year!

Brett & Morgan Werner said...

Wow, you're already talking about Christmas? Crazy lady!

Stephanie said...

katie we would like you to take pictures of us for your christmas special. The first or second saturday in November would be good for our sched. Let us know what works for you, if you have openings. Thanks, Stephanie