Sunday, April 11, 2010

One of the things I learned in Vegas is that I need to try my best to keep up on this blog. This is something I struggle with....but lately, I am trying to do my best by keeping this blog "sticky" and not only sticky, but diverse. I want to include pieces of me. pieces of my life.

So this is Guinness. Our great dane. He is 6 years old
as of March 17th...born on St Patrick's Day...hence the name.
He is actually really old for his breed. While doing this post I googled "great dane life expectancy" I already knew what I would find...the first link said 6-8 years.

I took this picture yesterday and as I sat and made some tweaks I couldn't get over his salt and peppered face. Once all black with the white nose and strip up his forehead.

He has definitely caused some moments of frustration leaving us thinking "why did we get a great dane" ....see HERE


But ultimately, he has been here since the beginning of us...

Here's to beating the average and praying for a few more years with him!!



SMiTH.FAMiLY said...

www!!! That is so sweet!!

Laura Fragoso said...

Aw Katie this made me teary eyed! I love the pics of him with the babies! Cheers to Guinness and a few more good years:)

Anonymous said...

wow that is really neat. I love your work!